Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Removal)

About the process

Sometimes, damaged teeth can’t be repaired with root canal treatment. This is usually if your tooth is badly damaged or if you have severe gum disease which prevents your tooth from healing or being well supported after treatment. If this happens, your dentist may suggest you have the Tooth extracted.

If you decide to have your tooth removed, your dentist will usually remove it via dental surgery. But sometimes an oral surgeon will carry out the procedure in hospital. You can usually go home on the same day as the procedure. 

Your tooth or teeth may need to be removed for several reasons. The most common reasons include:

  • severe tooth decay
  • gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • a broken tooth that can’t be repaired
  • an abscess (a collection of pus) on your gums or around your teeth
  • crowded teeth – when your teeth don’t have enough space in your jaw
  • impacted wisdom teeth – your growing wisdom teeth can’t break through the surface of your gum and get stuck

What is the procedure

Your dentist will check that you’re sitting comfortably in the chair. They will inject a local anaesthetic into the area around the tooth or teeth before starting the procedure. Once your dentist has injected the local anaesthetic, they will wait a few minutes to allow the injection to work. Then they will ask you a few questions to see if it’s taking effect.

The roots of your tooth sit in a socket (hole) in your gum. Your dentist will widen your tooth socket and gently rock your tooth from side to side until it’s lose enough to pull out.

You will feel some pressure in your mouth, but your dentist will help to relieve any discomfort you may feel.

A surgical extraction is complex. This type of extraction needs to be performed if the tooth structure is compromised or if the tooth is not fully erupted, or if it is partially or completely impacted. Surgical means that the surgeon will need to make tissue cuts in order to retrieve the entire tooth. In some cases, we may need to quarter the tooth, break it into sections, and remove it section by section. A surgical extraction tends to take more time and the healing may take more time.


Procedure Advantages

The procedure has lots of advantages. Let us give a brief about the benefits of the treatment.

Healthy teeth: The procedure will remove and restore your decayed teeth, thus helping in maintaining healthy oral condition.

Improved teeth structure: Since the procedure is undertaken to improve the appearance of the teeth, you will get perfect teeth structure after going through the treatment.

Better Oral Condition: Since the dental care will be given much importance, you will be able to maintain proper dental health after conducting the procedure. You decayed teeth will be removed, placing it with a better one.

Long lasting result: You will have a long lasting impact after the procedure is completed. You will be able to maintain the look for the longest of time if you take proper care of your tooth.

Pain free Procedure: The procedure will be pain free and you will not need multiple visits to the dentist. You will not even be scared to take over the procedure.


AMS Approach / Advantage

Whether you’re ready for cosmetic dentistry or just a routine exam and cleaning, at Allure MedSpa, we are here to help you achieve your dental health goals. We respect your busy schedule and work to make your experience pleasant and pain free. We ensure that the tooth is entirely removed with care in an atmosphere that is sterile. We can handle the difficult extraction cases and prepare the patient for the next step in their restoration process, including preparing the area for possible placement of a dental implant, or simultaneously placing a bone graft.

While clinical excellence and artistic integrity are perhaps the most important factors in choosing a cosmetic dentist, a dental practitioner should also have a good chairside manner. Our expert Dentists truly welcome patient’s inputs and make them active participants in the treatments so that they feel at ease.

If you are looking for a high quality dental care in a comfortable setting, with friendly staff and the latest dental technology, Allure MedSpa is just the right place for you.


3 stages of procedure


Your initial consultation paves the way for a smooth rapport between you and your Dentist. It is a must to develop confidence to go ahead with the tooth extraction.


Usually, a tooth extraction is a completely painless procedure.  You’re completely numb, so there’s no pain during the procedure, only some pressure is felt.  Contrary to popular belief dentists do not actually “pull teeth.”  The tooth is gently nudged with pressure, the ligaments holding the tooth in place give up and the tooth comes out automatically. 

Since the bone supporting upper wisdom teeth is soft, there’s generally minimal discomfort associated with an upper wisdom tooth extraction.  The bone supporting lower wisdom teeth is very dense and it is common for people to experience some pain and discomfort for a day or two following lower wisdom tooth extraction. Pain medications will be provided to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with a tooth extraction.


Most people have minimal discomfort following the procedure.  Every person is unique, therefore everyone responds differently to a tooth extraction. The treatment plan is customised for every patient.


Possible Consequences / Precautions

Your gum may bleed for a few minutes after the procedure. Your dentist will give you a piece of soft padding to bite on to stop the bleeding. You’ll be able go home once the bleeding has stopped.

You may have stitches, depending on which tooth was removed and why. The stitches will dissolve by themselves and won’t need removing. It’s important to brush these carefully for three to four days after your surgery to stop food getting trapped. But be careful when brushing so that you don’t dislodge any newly-formed blood clots that may have formed over your empty tooth socket.


AMS recommendation for best results

Before you go home, your dentist or surgeon will give you advice about looking after your teeth and gums. They may recommend painkillers and an antibacterial mouthwash. You may be prescribed some antibiotics, to reduce your chances of developing an infection. You don’t always need a follow-up appointment after you’ve had a tooth removed. But if you had a complicated procedure, you may also be given a date for a follow-up appointment. During this appointment, your dentist or surgeon will check that your mouth is healing well.

Hard foods are best avoided.


The gums will heal in just a few weeks to cover the extraction socket.  There may be an unusual sensation in the beginning, but that sensation goes away in just a few days.


Duration of the procedure depends on many factors but could generally take just a few minutes or a maximum one hour.

Number of sessions

One sitting procedure

Results will last for

Results are permanent


Next Consultation


Celebrity Clients

Since confidentiality and utmost privacy of our clients are our prime ethics, Allure MedSpa is the most favored choice of many celebrities for their corrective and cosmetic procedures.

Cost For Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Removal)

Allure MedSpa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services,offers affordable and cost effective Cosmetic Dentistry procedures. To know more about the cost of your procedure request a consult by filling the form below. Our dentists will be there to offer full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

Alternatively, our counsellor will call you at your convenient time. Request a consultation right away: +91 8291863158


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Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Removal) Quick facts

Are you the right fit for the procedure?

In general, the best option is to save teeth with procedures like Dental Fillings and when there’s nerve damage a Root canal can be performed.  But when decay extends deep under the gum, the tooth is cracked, severe periodontal disease is present, or a tooth infection cannot be resolved a tooth extraction is recommended as the best option.

Are you ready to take decision or need help? Travel with decision makers.

In procedures where prior consent of immediate family is required, you will have to travel with the decision makers.


Your dentist will explain how to prepare for your procedure. They will ask about your dental and medical history. It’s important that you mention any medical conditions, allergies or recent surgery, as well as any medicines you are taking.

Allure MedSpa concierge service

Allure MedSpa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have Dental treatments from our renowned dentists.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodging, restaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-treatment experience for our out-of-country patients.

Please feel free to contact the Counsellor +91 8291863158 for assistance with any of your travel and planning needs.

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At Allure MedSpa, our support doesn’t end with your achieving your dentistry goals.

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FAQs For Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Removal)

  • A dentist or an orthodontist may opt to pull a tooth for many reasons. The tooth may be so hopelessly damaged from tooth decay that it cannot be saved even with root canal therapy. It may be causing crowding or malocclusion (bad bite) which may prevent a new tooth from breaking through. Or, the tooth may be loose as a result of gum disease or even from an accident.

  • In a simple tooth extraction, a dentist takes hold of the tooth with forceps and rocks it back and forth to loosen it from the bone. Removal of the overlying gum might be necessary if a tooth is not quite through the gum. After a tooth extraction, a blood clot forms where a tooth had once been. It is important not to dislodge the blood clot because it aids in healing. Disturbing the clot can result in a dry socket — a painful condition that may or may not heal by itself. Some swelling and light bleeding may occur over the next 24 hours.

  • A missing tooth leaves a large enough gap for other teeth to shift. You may also have difficulty chewing and may experience a problem with malocclusion (bad bite). These difficulties can be alleviated with dental implants, fixed bridges or dentures.

  • What is the POSTOPERATIVE CARE after tooth extraction?
    • Bite firmly on the cotton wool pack provided for 10-20 minutes·
    • If bleeding reoccurs later, use a spare cotton pack or roll up a handkerchief and bite hard in the area of the extraction. Sit down quietly and wait for bleeding to stop·
    • Avoid alcohol, smoking and physical exercise for 24 hours as this may increase the chances of infection or more bleeding·
    • Avoid rinsing the area for 24 hours as this may lead to loss of the blood clot from the tooth socket (which aids healing) and increases the risk of infection·
    • 24 hours after the extraction, rinse your mouth with warm salt water up to four times a day, for a week. This again will reduce the chances of infection·
    • If you require painkillers e.g. ibuprofen, paracetamol, you may find if you take them before the aesthetic wears off, the symptoms will be less severe·
    • For some procedures it can be normal to have some degree of swelling and bruising after the extraction. Anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce these symptoms.

    Following extraction, the tooth socket will heal and change shape until it becomes smooth over a period of 3-6 months ·

  • What is tooth removal procedure?
  • The procedure is done to remove your decayed tooth, to extract your wisdom teeth that are causing pain. The procedure will help to provide relief to your pain.

  • How long will I have to wait to get result?
  • Depending on the number of teeth that needs to be removed, it will be done in few sessions. After the whole process is completed, you will get amazing results.

  • How long will the procedure take to complete?
  • The procedure is completed within some hour.

  • Will I feel pain while conducting the procedure?
  • It is a painless procedure and you will be provided with medications and infused anesthesia during the dental treatment. In case you encounter some pain or swelling after the procedure, some anti-bacterial medicine will be provided.

  • Is there any side effects?
  • There are no side effects of this procedure.

  • Will it even extract wisdom tooth?
  • You can even remove wisdom tooth by undertaking the procedure.

  • Is the result long lasting?
  • Yes, the result will be long lasting and you will have to maintain proper dental care for good health of your teeth.