Dental Clinic

If you’re suffering from dental problem, then a visit to a Dental clinic is something you have to look forward to. Many of us are petrified about going to a dentist. They stand there with all there drilling tools and what not ready to go deep in our mouth. The though is really scary, but when you have a problem then dealing with it rather than running away from it should be your approach. Many people try over the counter treatment, but these treatment could only give them a temporary solution.

When you have a deeper problem such as; uneven teeth structure, jaw pain, gum pain, coloured teeth or anything that’s giving you problem when you eat or chew then only a dentist can provide you a relief. We at Alluremedspa have a team of Dentist who would make sure all your problems are thing of past. Alluremedspa has established its name as the best dental clinic in Mumbai.We have two centre’s one in Andheri and other in Goregaon. We havefully equipped dental clinic in five story building with ample parking space. We also have 20 beds, 4 suit rooms and two consulting room. Our professionally trained staff and nurses are available to serve and help you in every step of the way. We know you want best possible service at most affordable price, and hence we offer customised price structure designed for each individual dental needs.

Alluremedspa is one of the biggest ISO 2001:2008 certified Cosmetic Surgery Center. Alluremedspa will ensure your dental procedure goes the way you want. Our clinic is equipped with latest technological equipment with team of M.D doctor’s all under one roof ready to handle all your needs. Call us on+91 9869041559to hear our coordinator discussing your problem’s in your ear right now or you can email us on to simply request a brochure. Experience Alluremedspa’s world-class service right here in Mumbai. See for yourself, how we have become the Best dental clinic in Mumbai.Prospective patient can arrange a consultation with our doctor to identify the detail structure of their surgery and cost.