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Choosing An Implant For Breast Augmentation

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Breast Implants Surgery in Mumbai, India

Breast implants are more than just mounds of silicone or saline inserted into your body. The modern technology has enabled women to not only choose the shape they want but also decide the size, texture and kind of implant that would suit them. But what really matters is the shape of the implants you choose. A lot of women place emphasis on the size blatantly ignoring the idea of getting a proper shape. This can have less than desirable results on the outcome of the Breast Augmentation surgery. It’s not just the implants but also the shape of your natural breasts that needs to be taken into consideration. It will affect the overall outcome of the surgery. Here are a few key aspects that need to be considered while you choose implants for yourself.

Shape of the implant

Round Implant – Round implants are wholly round and can swivel unreservedly inside the breast pocket without looking lop-sided or distorted.

Tear Drop Implant – Teardrop implants also called anatomical implants are shaped to strongly impersonate the curve of a natural breast. Teardrop-shaped breast implants are always made with a textured shell to help hold them in place as their movement within breast pockets would look weird.

Other factors

Size: Size matter the most to most women while choosing breast implants. The breast implant size is measured using cubic centimeters (CCs), not cup size. While choosing size, always consider your overall physique.

Profile: Profile is as important as size. Profile refers to how your implants will project from your chest. You can choose the profile you want depending on the look you desire.

Implant Placement: Breast implants can be placed either below or over the pectoral muscle. In some cases, the implant may be placed partly above and partly below this muscle. Your surgeon will explain which type of placement will suit your body, lifestyle and artistic penchant.

Saline vs Silicone: Saline implants are filled with a sterile salt water solution, and Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive gel. Based on what your body needs and what your aesthetic preferences are, you can choose either one of the type of implants.

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