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A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Cosmetic Surgery Date

  • Dr. Milan Doshi
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Cosmetic surgery has a key role in improving and enhancing one’s personality and appearance adhered to the use of latest and advanced technology. Cosmetic surgery helps in many ways, including, to achieve the shaped body, even-toned skin, blemish-free skin, reconstructed or augmented breast, nose job or lip enhancement, etc. Although, it has a great role in redefining the beauty, it is chosen selectively once your assessment has been done by the plastic & cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, it is inevitable to attend the primary consultation with the best cosmetic surgeon in order to know the status of your health and medical condition concerning to receive the particular plastic &cosmetic surgery.

It is an important aspect to do planning and preparation before receiving plastic & cosmetic surgery as it makes a huge difference if someone doesn’t have a healthy medical status.

The pre-procedure consultation helps in identifying the state of the problem with respect to treating the issue with a particular method or technology and needed healing time to receive the best outcomes.

Do’s & Don’t: To avoid the chances of risks& uncertainties before having the Surgery


  • You are advised to attend the primary consultation
  • If you are on any medication, especially for hypertension, diabetes, heart ailment, asthma, thyroid, nutritional supplements or fat burners must inform to your surgeon
  • Do inform, if you are allergic to the specific drug before surgery
  • Inform about your chronic illness, major surgery, traumatic injuries with the surgeon before a cosmetic procedure
  • Do fill the consultation form and respond to all the relevant asked questions
  • Do ready with your paperwork, ID, and other important documents with you


  • Don’t eat food or drink on the day of the procedure and ensure you are fasting until the surgery is not completed
  • Don’t wear makeup and remove nail polish before the surgery and ensure no nail polish left on your left index fingernail
  • Don’t wear jewelry or any other artificial accessories
  • Avoid smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery
  • Don’t wear tight clothing at the time of your initial assessment with your surgeon

What to Inform beforehand while getting scheduled for your Perfect Cosmetic Surgery Date:

  • If you are developing fever, cold or blood pressure
  • If you are sensitive to certain medicines, i.e., painkiller, antibiotics
  • If you have been affected by a certain chronic illness and treatment is continued
  • If you are a patient of diabetes, thyroid disorder, Asthma or heart ailments.

So, if you are deciding to go ahead with your cosmetic surgery procedure, or still be considering your options. Either way, many often wonder what is the right time to have their surgical procedure.

This write-up will cover all the needed aspects that help in scheduling your cosmetic surgery date:

Do you have an event coming up: Maybe Personal or professional?

  • You will need to allow enough time following the consultation process, pre-procedure tests, and getting the date to schedule the surgical procedure, as well as a mandatory cool-off period of 7 days
  • This is important to plan the surgery in advance concerning the upcoming events (wedding, birthday, reunion, holiday, etc.)
  • You should allow plenty of time following the consultation, pre-procedure tests, healing period, as well as receiving the results

Allow yourself plenty of time to recover

  • You should be prepared yourself in order to recover smoothly as it takes time to heal after the surgery
  • Planning & preparation is key, and the more time you can allow yourself to recover, the better the outcomes will be received
  • Expert plastic & cosmetic surgeon often recommend at least 1-2 months for your post-operative recovery, but time may vary depending upon the type of surgery, the personalized surgical approach, and any existing health problem.

Understand how hospital theatre works considering the surgeon’s engagement

The recognized plastic & cosmetic surgeons are occupied with heavy tasks, including the seminars, international conferences, hands-on practices, and visiting other medical institutes and hospitals to give lectures and workshop. Thus, it is required to have the surgery date save as you wish so you need to confirm prior to surgery with the hospital staffs, if there is any program, leave, seminars or other engagements of the surgeon.

Consider the best time of year for You

This is a considerable factor, because:

  • Are you ready for surgery and subsequent recovery?
  • Are you looking for the best time management on upcoming holidays or leave?
  • For some people, winter season is the best time to receive the surgical procedure. Of course, favorableness of the surgery may vary from one patient to another, depending upon their time, engagement, and leave status allowed by the office or personal choice.

Following is the checklist of things you should organize before booking in your surgery Date:

  • Ask a friend or family member to be with you during the whole procedure and post-op healing time who will care for you at least the first 2-3 days following your surgery
  • If you have children or you are married, you need to organize the things accordingly
  • Hire house cleaner to help for the first few weeks following your surgery
  • If you have pets at home, consider having them looked after by a professional pet centre, family or friend during your initial recovery period.

Do follow the Instructions and Inform Us with your updates before Fixing Surgery Date:

Before Fixing Surgery Date:

  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery
  • If you are on any medication, especially for high BP, diabetes, heart ailments, asthma or thyroid problem must inform your surgeon
  • Alternatives may require before surgery for certain medications such as Dispirit, Aspirin, Clopidogrel, OCPS, anti-depressant, homeopathic or Ayurveda hence it is needed to inform the surgeon for the same

The Day Before Surgery:

  • Ensure you have fasted as recommended by the surgeon, not even water is allowed at least 8 hours before having surgery
  • Shaving required for both axilla and private parts before surgery
  • Take a normal bath and head wash a night before or in the morning of the surgery
  • Need to remove nail polish from your left index finger nail
  • Don’t carry jewelry or any other artificial accessories to the surgery table
  • Please ask a relative or friend to accompany you who can take you home on the very same day of the procedure
  • You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting dark clothes on the day of surgeries.

At Admission

  • Do inform if you are developing fever, cold, diarrhea so that we can reschedule your surgery date
  • Do inform if you are a patient of high BP, diabetes, heart ailments, asthma, thyroid, to investigate and take proper precautions, which helps in planning the surgery
  • Inform us about your medical history regarding chronic illness, major surgeries, traumatic injuries to your surgeon before having the surgery
  • Do inform, if you are allergic to a certain drug or condition.

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