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5 Things To Do Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

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Alluremedspa Cosmetic Surgery
Just like any other surgery, you need to plan and prepare your mind and body well before undergoing a cosmetic surgery. It is natural to face the jitters and butterflies in your stomach as the big day draws closer, while most of them your cosmetic surgeon will sort you over in your pre-operative visits. Your doctor will apprise you of all pre-operative instructions which may also include lab tests to check your medical history and general state of health.
While the types of tests performed may vary and is individualized from patient to patient, there are a few general guidelines to help you prepare yourself that would make all the difference in your overall health, recovery and results. So get started as much as three weeks ahead of your surgery and learn the dos and don’ts before your Cosmetic Surgery.
1. Plan your diet– What you eat before and after your procedure has a huge impact on your recovery, healing and minimizes your risks for infection. Your body will need more nutrients before and after your surgery to promote healing. Increase your intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, selenium, copper, zinc to ensure fast wound healing. Protein helps to build new skin tissues, so go with foods rich with quality proteins such as fish or legumes for vegetarians.Eliminatesalt and sugar intake a week before surgery to improve your immune function.

Smoking and Alcohol
2. Quit Smoking and Alcohol– Refrain from smoking and alcohol well before your surgery as both can cause unforeseen complications or seriously impact your outcome. Smoking and drinking impedes the recovery process by not allowing oxygenated blood to your blood stream and weakens your body immunity. Abstinence from both these habits for a minimum of four to eight weeks is generally advisable.

3. Check on your current medications– While certain medications can strengthen your system like the intake of multivitamins right before your procedure, some may need to be completely avoided. Blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs and Ibrufen may not be acceptable before your surgery, so seek your doctor’s approval on your current medicine checklist and ensure nothing impacts you negatively.

4. Stay well hydrated– Drinking a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water cleanses your system and flushes out toxins. Staying hydrated is good in general however, remember that drinking water in excess is usually not a good idea after cosmetic surgery.

5. Reduce Stress – Stress is known to weaken your immunesystem. Do not exert yourself physically or mentally to ensure speedy recovery. Listen to soothing music; take up a yogaor meditation class to help you restore your body, mind and spirit. Most important, get a good night’s sleep the night before your surgery.

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