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Zerona Lipolysis

Zerona Lipo (also known as Zerona Lipolysis)

Zerona Liposuction, Zerona Laser Lipo in Mumbai, India

  • Are you unhappy about the way you look?
  • Given a chance, would you like to change at least one thing about your body?
  • Are you low on confidence?

If I ask you what matters the most in your life, without fail your looks will top your priority list. Let’s face it! Many people feel embarrassed and insecure because of the way they look in the mirror. No one likes to see themselves with extra pockets of fats on their body. Even after diet and exercise, fat remains annoyingly stubborn to remove from many body sections. If you relate to this, then it is recommended for you to consider Zerona lipo treatment.

Zerona liposuction is one of the most popular treatments in the world of non surgical fat removal. It promises to give you a slimmer look without any possible risks and side effects. This body contouring procedure uses a Erchonia laser scanner, the world’s safest and most researched low-level laser developed in our clinic. This cold laser technology is utilized to effectively remove fat deposits that exercise and diet alone often can’t reach. Using a laser technology that is externally applied to the skin, cells are targeted to stimulate the release of fats within the cell through emulsification. The released fats move out from the cell and drains into the body’s lymphatic system where the body’s natural cleansing process occurs.


This zerona liposuction procedure is an effective and attractive alternative for treating the upper arms, thighs, chin, neck and mid-body areas like the waist, buttocks and hips. 3 to 9 inches are reduced over these stubborn areas. This zerona lipo laser treatment is typically done in around half an hour at our zerona laser centers. For the first few minutes, the area’s frontal section is treated. Another twenty minutes is invested in the back part. This procedure typically requires six sessions over a two-week time period. Now doubts may arise if it is painful. No! It is absolutely painless, with no incisions made, no anesthesia used, and no scars left! It also has no down time at all. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Truly, if you are after an effective way to get slim figure without risking the pain from cosmetic surgery methods, then zerona lipo laser treatment should be in your priority list by now. Of course, although this procedure is very famous as the only completely safe and effective non aggressive treatment in the market, it is very important to attend the consultation with cosmetic surgeon at our zerona clinic (Allure Medspa). After that you should decide if you are right candidate for the procedure. You can also find out what the procedure may zerona lipo laser cost you. There are certain conditions of health which don’t allow you to go for zerona laser treatment. What I can tell you is that studies reveal this zerona lipo laser treatment is not advisable for people with pace makers, or for those who are pregnant. Results may also not be not as effective for those with metabolic disorders like thyroid concerns and diabetes.

Immediate weight loss alternative as tempting as that is! This procedure is generally performed to get rid of the stubborn fat. As mentioned, a consultation with our zerona laser doctors is certainly appreciated.

Key Benefits

  • No more stubborn fat
  • Attractive body
  • Smoother skin
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Minimal downtime


At Allure medspa, we offer well-customized, cosmetic skin services to men and women. We have highly skilled dental therapists, doctors and surgeons who will discuss your concerns and will perform a hassle-free treatment.  We also carry mineral cosmetics and physician-grade, prescription-strength skin care products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

The center is equipped with latest technical tools and support systems. We also offer ‘feel at home’ atmosphere and personalized care for complete satisfaction of our customers.

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