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Preparation For Surgey

Preparation for Surgey


Weight Loss Surgery – The Pre Operative Diet

Before having your weight loss surgery with Alluremedspa you will meet the multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who will discuss with you every aspect of the procedure and the guidelines to follow before and afterwards. This is to prepare you fully for what to expect and to be in the best medical status possible to allow the surgery to be as safe and as efficient as possible.

The Pre Operative Diet

Understandably in the past, patients would have a splurge prior to surgery on their favourite foods and snacks thinking this would be the last chance to enjoy ‘naughty’ foods.

This can enlarge the liver which makes performing the surgery difficult and sometimes impossible. Hence we strongly discourage this and advise you to follow a pre operative diet for up to 2 weeks before surgery.

We have designed a diet which reduces the size of the liver making the procedure easier and quicker to perform. It is a relatively strict regimen; however you will be fully supervised and supported throughout this period. It should be followed to the letter as it has been planned to provide you with sufficient energy and nutrients.

Remember this is the most restrictive part of your journey towards reaching your end goal and target weight. Most patients find it passes quickly having a date of surgery scheduled and seeing an initial dramatic weight loss this preoperative diet can cause boosts the motivation you need to see it through 14 days. Full details will be given at consultation.

Being Prepared for Weight Loss Surgery!

Before you have your chosen weight loss surgery procedure it is best to be as prepared as possible. Mentally and physically.

At Alluremedspa, we can always put you in touch with other patients to help you gain an insight into what life is like post weight loss surgery. There are several Internet sites you may have found and used, however it is always useful to speak to someone who has been through the same journey you are about to take, with the same guidelines, multidisciplinary team and aftercare programme.

At Alluremedspa we are here to answer any queries or questions you may have, however trivial they may seem to you.

In terms of being physically prepared the points below may help:

  • Clear out your cupboards! – get rid of any tempting foods, if you have a family only buy enough for them or try having your ‘own cupboard’ for a while
  • Buy yourself a smaller plate!
  • Buy plenty of different flavour drinks – the first week after surgery you will be taking fluids only
  • Invest in a blender or food processor – week 2 post surgery is a pureed/sloppy diet
  • Be prepared to take about a week off work (this may be slightly longer depending on the type of work you do)
  • Buy your supplements – the nurse/dietitian will advise you

Something else to think about is how you will react to not eating as much. This may sound strange but for some people it is strange not to turn to food when feeling; lonely, sad, and anxious or bored, how will you react?

This usually takes a period of adjustment, however the more prepared you are, the more ready you will be to tackle difficult times without food. It is also worth bearing in mind that very often we eat because of ‘head hunger’ rather than ‘actual hunger’ and so considering how you will deal with this knowing you cannot eat once you are full can put you one step ahead.

This preparation time may seem daunting but remember thousands of people have had weight loss surgery and feel it is the best decision they ever made, most wishing they had only made the step years earlier.

Alluremedspa are there to guide and support you throughout your weight loss journey.

Contact Alluremedspa today for further details on how we can help you or read some of our success stories.

Weight Loss Surgery – The Post Operative Diet

Once you have tackled the pre-operative diet and you have had your chosen weight loss surgery procedure you will be well on your way to achieving your goal weight and having a happier and healthier life.

The Post Operative Diet

There are several myths surrounding weight loss surgery. Don’t always believe what you hear. Remember everyone has different journeys and different surgeons advise slightly different guidelines. It is always best to ask the team of healthcare professionals caring for you any questions you may have.

  • We believe your aftercare programme with Alluremedspais fundamental to your health and success, hence you will be seen regularly for assessment, monitoring, advice and input helping you every step of the way.
  • The weight loss surgery post operative dietary guidelines will be discussed with you in detail at your pre operative consultation. You will also receive written information offering you helpful hints, ideas and advice.
  • The main principle post operatively is to remember you will be healing from the operation. We guide you through each stage of textures in order for you to consume sufficient energy and nutrients safely.
  • Due to your significantly reduced volume of food intake we recommend that you take nutritional supplements for the rest of your life. The dietitian will advise you which ones are most suitable for you.
  • If you have had the gastric band or the gastric bypass the dietitian will work with you to tailor a plan that will suit your lifestyle, your likes, dislikes and eating patterns in order for you to meet all your dietary requirements as well as enjoying it!
  • The dietitian will guide you and advise you on suitable food choices in order to; gain the maximum feeling of fullness, avoid food becoming ‘stuck’, whilst optimising weight loss.
  • We will advise you on how best to deal with certain situations; going back to work, eating with your family, eating out, eating abroad — all scenarios which will become easier with time but may feel daunting at first.

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