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At Alluremedspa, we are dedicated to ensuring that our weight loss surgery aftercare programme meets your needs.

That’s because we believe that the success of your weight loss surgery procedure depends on the quality of the aftercare package that follows it. What’s more, you can experience our thorough weight loss surgery aftercare regime whether you’ve undergone obesity surgery at a Alluremedspa clinic or elsewhere.

What can you expect from Alluremedspa’s weight loss surgery aftercare package?When you opt for weight loss surgery aftercare from Alluremedspa, you can expect a unique programme that’s designed around your individual post-weight loss surgery needs.

Each plan covers your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Eating habits
  • Eating patterns
  • Activity levels
  • Food choices

Psychological adjustment to weight loss surgery

A dietitian and fitness advisor will help you alter your behaviour and your relationship with food, while your likes, dislikes and medical requirements will also be incorporated into your weight loss surgery aftercare package.

By creating a tailor-made diet plan just for you, you can rest assured that our weight loss surgery aftercare programme has your long-term benefits in mind.Alluremedspa offers a range of leading weight loss surgery procedures, including gastric band and gastric bypass surgery. Through our dedicated obesity surgery aftercare programme, we’ll offer you the emotional support you require to reach your weight loss goals safely and successfully.

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