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Severe Gynecomastia

Severe Gynecomastia

Severe Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaThe disability of Severe gynecomastia may occur at any age. In severe cases, the male breasts can be larger as compared to women. Men with such disability often suffer from embarrassment. They tend to stay away from people and this causes depression. Large male breast is often perceived as lack of masculinity. In such a condition, severe Gynecomastia might be a solution.

Candidates for Severe Gynecomastia Surgery:

Before proceeding the surgery, the surgeon evaluates the health of the patients. Patients who are keeping poor health and highly obese are not very ideal for the surgery.  They are recommended to lose weight. The surgeon evaluates the patient’s lifestyle before commencing the surgery. Patients, who consume alcohol, drugs, smoke marijuana, use anabolic steroids or are on certain medications are not very ideal surgical candidates since all of these things can allow the condition to persist.

The condition of Severe Gynecomastia can occur in some men due to hormonal imbalance in their body. Certain medicines can also aid to the growth of male breast. Before the surgery, the patient should discuss about any health disorders such as kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, certain tumors and other medical conditions with the surgeon.

The surgery is to correct the defect in the body. Expectations should be kept realistic in this form of surgery.

Procedure of Severe Gynecomastia Surgery:

Many men with Severe gynecomastia have drooping breasts. The areola lies below the lower edge of the pectoral chest muscles.  Due to aging, loss of muscle mass, and weight loss, the breast starts to sag. The severe gynecomastia is corrected by using the  combination of breast liposuction with excision.  Some adolescents with severe cases of Gynecomastia could have the particularly devastating emotional turmoil.

The surgeon upon discussion with the patient performs the surgery. The procedure starts with infusion of anesthesia in the patient’s body. The Cosmetic Surgeon later removes the excess fat from the breast by making an incision near the areola area. The excess fat is suctioned out and stitched to close the openings.

Cost and Affordability:

Severe Gynecomastia is a major operation and there are practically no risks involved with it. At Allure Medspa, you will be taken full care of by Dr. Milan Doshi. Rest assured that you’ll be in expert hands at all times. At Alluremedspa, we are  committed to your health and wellbeing. You do not even have to worry about the cost structure as the Male breast reduction surgery will be quite affordable and you will even enjoy excellent hospital services here.

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