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Turkey Gobbler Neck Lift

Turkey Gobbler Neck LiftTurkey Gobbler Neck Lift Surgery in Mumbai, India

With age the muscle that supports our neck gets weakened. This means that the thin skin above the neck muscles isn’t adequately supported and starts sagging, giving you the look of a turkey neck. With age, you start losing  your skin elasticity, which is another reason for loose skin on the neck. No amount of exercise and diet can sometimes help you to get rid of those extra fats around the neck area. Some people consider the option of turkey neck surgery that helps them to get a more firm look.

Procedure of Turkey Gobbler Neck

The surgery can be done at any age, even in young people who have excessive loose tissues due to familial factors. The other causes for turkey neck is weight gain, hormonal changes. At Alluremedspa, the procedure starts with making an incision under the chin to tighten the saggy tissues.  The surgeon thereafter elevates  the skin and uses  sutures to pull the deeper tissues tighter.

Liposuction method is also  accompanied in the Facelift and neck lift surgery. Fatty tissue are thus removed from under the neck or around the jowl region to help provide refinement and sculpting where necessary. It is often done alone or accompanied by these procedures. A small cannula with a hole and suction is used to extract the fatty tissues. As the fat cells cannot multiply, once it is removed from the body it cannot come back. The liposuction incisions are 3 mm in length and become virtually invisible over time.

After the conclusion of the surgery, the incision is closed by making sutures.

Post-operative Care

After the surgery the first one to two hours  is spent in the recovery room. The first night may have to be spent in the hospital if a formal neck lift is carried out. Liposuction can be done as a day case procedure.

All bandages and drains are removed the next morning after the surgery. After cleaning the surgical sites, a lighter bandage is applied in place of that.

The stitches are removed in a week or two after the surgery.

Some patients might experience pain after a neck lift. Pain medication will be prescribed by your Cosmetic Surgeon. The doctor advises you to sleep with your head elevated that can help to reduce any discomfort. Heavy physical exercise and driving should be avoided for three weeks following a neck lift.  You should take good diet for quicker healing.

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