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Deep Plane Facelift

Deep Plane Facelift (SMAS lift)

Deep Plane Facelift (SMAS lift) Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaWe all want to look beautiful but have the traditional thinking that beauty is a blessing. It is time to change the thinking because beauty is not luck but a decision that you need to make. With the deep-plane procedure, you can look beautiful always.

Candidate for Deep-Plane Facelift:

Any person wanting to have a tighter and firmer skin is a good candidate for deep-plane facelift. With age the skin loses its elasticity and develops wrinkles. Such persons can opt for this surgery.

The surgeon before starting with the surgery evaluates the patient’s goals and expectations. This information is typically obtained by consultation prior to surgery to prevent any miscommunication. The patient should have realistic expectations from the surgery.

Procedure of Deep-Plane Facelift:

The deep plane facelift surgery helps in elevating and lifting of the malar fat pad with the overlying skin. The area is later re-positioned with sutures to improve aging changes in the mid face and remove the wrinkles. The patient undergoing this surgery should have a good health so that they can undergo a 3-4 hours of surgical procedure.

Like any other procedure, the deep-plane Facelift starts with infusing anesthesia. After that incision is made in the required area, so that excess facila tissues can be removed and the surgery gives a natural and tighter contour to the face.

Post Recovery care:

You should be really careful and follow doctors advise for faster healing.  After the deep-plane surgery is done,  a loose bandaged is applied to give support to the face. The bandage will be removed after two days of the surgery. In case of any swelling or stiffness, the Cosmetic Surgeon will prescribe some medicines that has be taken religiously for faster recovery. Stitches are removed after a week of the surgery. One should carry out proper exercise and good diet after the surgery. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco need to be avoided after the surgery.

The cost of Deep-Plane Facelift Surgery:

The deep-plane facelift will be customized as per your condition and desire. Your doctor will discuss the procedure with you and will suggest the cost that will be needed for the procedure. We perform all types of surgeries in Alluremedspa. You will enjoy the best of care here. We take pride in providing the patients with maximum benefit from our surgeries. Most importantly, you will enjoy the process of surgery without a pinch in your pocket. The surgeries are quite affordable.

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