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Buttocks Liposuction

Buttocks Liposuction

Buttock Liposuction Suregry in Andheri, Mumbai, India

Some people Complain of Saggy and Drooping Buttocks. No matter whatever they wear, nothing looks good on them. Their buttock is not in proportion to their body and want to Enhance it  for more complete look. Now, you can opt for buttock liposuction to turn back the clock and get a more shapely look. People wanting shapely buttock are the perfect candidate for buttock Liposuction. A perfect shapely buttock means you can wear anything that will enhance your looks more.

Before proceeding with the surgery, you need to consult with an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon like Dr. Milan Doshi to discuss about the benefits, risk, and the procedure involved in the surgery. By calculating the Body Mass Index and determining your age, skin elasticity, Dr. Doshi will recommend a safe form of surgery.

On the day of the Liposuction surgery, you should be accompanied by some friend and relative as you might encounter little bit of pain or drowsiness immediately after the surgery. The surgery might take few hours to complete at Liposuction Center- Alluremedspa.

Buttocks Liposuction (Butt Lipo) Procedure

Buttock Liposuction will help you to get a desired buttock you always wanted. The process uses cannula that is inserted through the incision made near the hip area of the body to remove the excess fat. The anesthesia and saline substance is infused during the surgery to melt away the excess fat. Once the fat is melted, it is suctioned out from the body giving it a more firm and leaner look at Alluremedspa.

Post Surgery Recovery

Immediately after the buttock liposuction, you will expect certain amount of discomfort. Surgeons will prescribe medications and a pressure garment to ease away the pain and discomfort. Some patients find it uncomfortable to sit on a couch  after the surgery. They should use soft cushion while sitting down.

Doctor’s advise should be followed for fast recovery. Patients can start their daily chores after two weeks of the surgery. They are advised not to lift heavy objects or do high intensity exercise for few weeks.

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