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Arm Lift

arm-liftArm Lift

After excess weight loss, you are sometimes left with saggy and lose underarms. It does not look good and therefore you can undergo arm lift surgery. Every year, thousands of people undergo upper arm surgery. Patients have enjoyed a satisfactory result. Removing the excess skin caused by weight loss or due to aging can tighten the saggy skin that extends from the underarm area to the elbow. The method of liposuction is also used in combination to achieve the preeminent results.

Candidates for Upper Arm Lift Surgery:

  • If your weight is normal, however you have a saggy underarm.
  • You have lost a massive amount of weight and your upper-arm skin and fat have loosen up resembling bat wings.

Procedure of Arm Lift Surgery:

After evaluating your body type, the surgeon will make markings on your elbows, arms and armpits. The location, length and direction of these incision lines will be dictated by considering the  arm lift surgery you will undergo. Based on surgeon’s recommendation, the patient will receive either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. After making incisions within the armpits or extended down the inside of the arms, the surgeon will remove the excess fat and skin. In some cases the liposuction method is also used. The surgeons will close the opening by making sutures.

After the surgery, your surgeon will suggest you to wear a compression garment.

Benefit of Arm Lift Surgery:

As the incision is made under the arms, the scars will not be visible and with time the scars will even fade away. You will get a more firm and sculpted arms that you would love to flaunt.

Post-operative care:

There will hardly be any complication after the surgery, however, you will be advised to follow doctors advise and undergo light excersises and take proper meals to maintain the structure of the arm throughout your life.  There will be a little bit of pain or soreness post-surgery but that will fade away within a matter of a week or ten days.

Face-to-face Consultation with Dr. Milan Doshi of Allure Medspa

A free face-to-face consultation with Dr. Milan Doshi of Allure Medspa will help the patients to determine if the arm lift  procedure will be suitable for you considering your age, body type, and skin elasticity.  Depending on that the procedure will be conducted. Dr. Doshi will give you honest suggestion regarding your surgery.

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