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Orthodontics treatment in Mumbai, india

Are you worried about your crooked teeth? Do you have difficulty in eating and chewing? Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you have abnormal spaces between your teeth? All these issues come under the category of Orthodontics. During Orthodontics treatments, the facial structure of the face is taken care of. The orthodontic treatments can change the entire facial profile. You can undergo the treatment at any age.


The procedure of Orthodontics covers three aspects. Mentioned here are the aspects of it.

Invisible Braces: The dentist will examine your teeth with the help of x-rays. The impression of the teeth will be taken using computerized 3 – D technology to create a model. Once the customized model is approved by the dentist, you will be called for an appointment to fix the bonding. A strong arch wire is used to hold the brackets firmly or the entire set of braces will be pressed and is fixed on to your teeth. The braces will not be noticeable by anyone.

Metal Braces: The dentist will take X-rays of your teeth. Later the impressions of the teeth will be taken to make a mold. This is done to assess your teeth and your biting pattern. Before the start of the procedure the dentist will start with scaling of your teeth. Later, he will fit the teeth with small brackets. The dentist will slide the arch wires through the brackets that will help you in giving directions to your teeth. Ligatures which are a type of band will be used to put pressure on the front teeth, so that it is pulled back.

Ceramic Braces: The dentist will discuss about the procedure with you first. In the process, the dentist will start with scaling of your teeth. Later, he will fit the teeth with small brackets. A strong dental adhesive is used to hold the brackets firmly. The dentist will slide wires through the brackets that will help you in giving directions to your teeth. Ligatures will be used, which is a type of band, to put pressure on the front teeth, so that it is pulled back.

Benefits of the Treatment:

The benefits of the procedure are innumerable. Mentioned below are the few benefits of the procedure.

Attractive smile: You will feel more confident and your smile will improve after undergoing the procedure. You will no longer shy away from flashing your beautiful smile.

Straight teeth: Since the procedure is done to improve your teeth deformity, you will feel more confident after the procedure and get straight teeth.

Pain-free procedure: There is not much pain in the procedure. You might feel little discomfort or difficulty speaking initially, but once you get adjusted, it will be fine.

Apply braces at any age: There is no age bracket to apply braces. The age you feel comfortable, you can apply the braces.

Get rid of bunny teeth: If you have been embarrassed of your bunny teeth, the procedure will help to get rid of it. Applying the braces for some time will give you amazing result. 

Natural Appearance: The result is amazing and you will get natural appearance after the braces are removed.

Services at Alluremedspa:

If you are considering undergoing the dental treatment, we at Allure Medspa offer customized services. We have a set of well known dental surgeon amalgamated under a single roof. You will enjoy the process of dental treatment at Allure Medspa. The staff is quite friendly and will take personal care once you come here.

Cost of the treatment at Alluremedspa:

You will always want to undergo the best of surgery at the most affordable rates. We understand your concern and we will provide the best of services here. Trust us, the best of dentist will take care of your teeth at the most affordable rates. Visit here for your experience. We recommend you to call at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic- Allure Medspa at +9122 26732961/62/63 to get the latest treatment quote on the cosmetic smile makeover.

You can call at the number or request a call back from us to get specific information regarding your personal dental needs. We will answer all your queries.


What is Orthodontics?                               

The procedure includes correction of your crooked teeth with braces and retainers. If you have difficulty in chewing food, you can go ahead and apply braces to get rid of the issues.

How long will the procedure take to complete?

The procedure is done within some hour and will take few visits to the dentist.

Is there any side effects?

There are no side effects of this procedure.

At what age can I apply the braces?

Braces can be applied at any age.

Will I feel pain while applying braces?       

No, there is no such pain after applying the braces. However, you might feel little irritation and difficulty in speaking initially, which will get quite normal, once you get adjusted to it.

Will it be comfortable wearing it?

The braces are quite comfortable.

For how long will I have to keep on applying the braces?

It depends on your type of teeth; the dentist will advise you regarding this.

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