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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene in Andheri, Mumbai, India

Taking care of the oral hygiene is as important as taking our food. The thing that we should always remember is that, we need food to survive, we should frequently keep on consuming food that gives our body fuel to continue with our daily activities. The food that we eat is chewed by our teeth. Our teeth have the continuous work of chewing the food. The food particles get stuck to our teeth, which should be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, unclean habits will make our teeth the breeding ground of plaque and tartar. Our teeth will start to rot and in no time it will get damaged. Oral hygiene is as much important as eating our food.

There are various procedures that you can opt for oral hygiene. The methods are mentioned below.

Teeth Polishing: Teeth polishing will help in getting rid of those yellow stains. If you have yellow stains on your teeth and feel embarrassed to smile in public, there is an urgent need to go for teeth polishing procedure. Tooth polishing is a curative measure, it will certainly give whiter and shinier teeth but might not assure for healthy teeth. The treatment is effective for people who have darker and deep stains on their teeth.

For tooth polishing, the dentist uses fluoride-based toothpaste, rubber cap, bristle brush and dental tape. The rotating brush and rubber polisher is used along with the toothpaste to polish the surface area of the teeth. The dentist also used dental tape to clean the difficult areas.

Some dentist uses the air powder polishing, which is an advanced technique to polish the teeth. This is an effective way of cleaning deep and dark stains.

The procedure should be done on your natural teeth. If someone has done some dental restoration, the treatment is not an effective measure. Therefore, you should first consult your dentist if you happen to undertake the procedure.

Teeth Whitening: It is a process of removing the dark stains of your teeth and maintains the white color of your teeth. Based on the requirement and the urgency of treatment your teeth needs, the dentist will start the procedure.  The dentist will first evaluate the stains on your teeth and how bad the stains are.

The procedure will first start with cleaning your teeth with a machine.  A powerful gel with bleaching agents will be applied on your teeth. After the bleaching is done, a special light or laser light is concentrated on the teeth to activate the whitening agents. The treatment is completed in less than an hour. You might get a sore feeling after the treatment is completed.

If your stains are too dark, you will have to pay multiple visits to ensure they are completely gone. One important thing is to consider is to brushing your teeth daily and flossing is important. If you have sensitive teeth, utmost care should be taken. You should get dental check up twice in a year.

Patient Education: To maintain clean, white teeth, it is very important that we get aware of dental health. We should give education to our patient’s on how to take care of our teeth, what are the benefits of oral hygiene. The more we get alert, the more care we will take.

Benefits of Oral Hygiene:

Oral Hygiene is very important aspect in our body. To ensure healthier and disease-free teeth, it is necessary to maintain oral hygiene. We will mention some of the benefits of Oral Hygiene.

Sparkling, white Teeth: The procedure of oral hygiene will give you sparkling, clean teeth.

Give Confidence: If you have white, shining teeth and clean teeth, it will boost your confidence. You will not hesitate to smile or talk to anyone.

Disease free, healthy teeth: You will get healthy, clean and disease free teeth. Unhygienic teeth are the breeding ground for many diseases.

Services at Allure Medspa:

If you are considering undergoing the dental treatment, we at Allure Medspa offer customized services. We have a set of well known dental surgeon amalgamated under a single roof. You will enjoy the process of dental treatment at Allure Medspa. The staff is quite friendly and will take personal care once you come here.

Cost of the treatment at Allure Medspa:

You will always want to undergo the best of surgery at the most affordable rates. We understand your concern and we will provide the best of services here. Trust us, the best of dentist will take care of your teeth at the most affordable rates. Visit here for your experience. We recommend you to call at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic- Allure Medspa at +9122 26732961/62/63 to get the latest treatment quote on the cosmetic smile makeover.

You can call at the number or request a call back from us to get specific information regarding your personal dental needs. We will answer all your queries.

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