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Endodontics in Andheri, Mumbai, India

If you are suffering from tooth decay or want tooth restoration or gum correction, you can go ahead with the procedure of Endodontics treatment.

If you have any issues, you should first consult the dentist. The following areas are covered by the procedure.


Single-sitting root canal:

The dentist will take the x-rays, pictures of your teeth to determine how the procedure of root canal will save your natural teeth. When the procedure is done, the dentist will infuse anesthesia so that the tooth feels numb. The cleaning process will start after that. Once the bacteria-infected pulp is removed, the canal will be thoroughly cleaned with the use of special tools and an antiseptic. The dentist will use a drill to gain access to the pulp chamber. The infected nerves will be removed after the pulp chamber and canals are cleaned. The treatment is done in one sitting.

Root canal:

The root canal surgery is done by first infusing anesthesia so that the tooth feels numb. The cleaning process will start after that. Once the bacteria-infected pulp is removed, the canal will be thoroughly cleaned with the use of special tools and an antiseptic.

In the second phase, a temporary filling will be placed over the tooth to cover it, so that it gets time to heal until the permanent filling and cap is placed over it.

The third phase will start with orthodontist taking the impression of your teeth, so that chewing and biting pattern is observed to send them to the laboratory to make a customized crown. After the cap is delivered to the dentist, your tooth will be shaped to fit the cap that will be permanently fitted to the teeth.

Dental post and core:

The dentist will evaluate your teeth and will discuss about the procedure during the consultation. The dentist will discuss about the benefits of the treatment. Once the tooth goes through an endodontic treatment, the dentist will prepare for the post treatment using a drill to make a post space. The space will be filled by cementing the post. The post is composed of materials like stainless steel, titanium. Even carbon-fiber post is also used. After securing the post, the dentist will place the core, over and around the exposed end of the post for the purpose of anchoring.

Surgical endoscopy:

The dentist will examine your roots and determine what procedure is best for you. The dentist will take X-rays and later anesthesia is infused to make the gum and tooth numb. The root area will be opened to examine the injury level and work will be done to remove the infected and inflamed tissue. After reaching the end of the root, the dentist will examine it again, clean it and the filling will be placed on the area to cover the root. As the procedure is done, the gums will be stitched back to the original form.

Benefits of the Treatment:

The benefits of the procedure are innumerable. Mentioned below are the few benefits of the procedure.

Reduced Infections: Any type of infections will be eliminated after the procedure is done.

Healthy teeth: You will get healthy teeth after undergoing the procedure. You will get good and strong teeth after the procedure.

Attractive smile: You will feel more confident and your smile will improve after undergoing the procedure. You will no longer shy away from flashing your beautiful smile.

Detailed diagnosis: The procedure will undergo detailed diagnosis about the type of teeth, your gums and everything. You will be able to take better oral care after the procedure.

Greater teeth stability: You will get healthy and stable as well as strong teeth after undergoing the procedure.

Services at Allure Medspa:

If you are considering undergoing the dental treatment, we at Allure Medspa offer customized services. We have a set of well known dental surgeon amalgamated under a single roof. You will enjoy the process of dental treatment at Allure Medspa. The staff is quite friendly and will take personal care once you come here.

Cost of the treatment at Allure Medspa:

You will always want to undergo the best of surgery at the most affordable rates. We understand your concern and we will provide the best of services here. Trust us, the best of dentist will take care of your teeth at the most affordable rates. Visit here for your experience. We recommend you to call at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic- Allure Medspa at +9122 26732961/62/63 to get the latest treatment quote on the cosmetic smile makeover.

You can call at the number or request a call back from us to get specific information regarding your personal dental needs. We will answer all your queries.


What is Endodontic?

If you have gone through the procedure of root canal, if you want tooth restoration or have fractured teeth, you can continue with the Endodontic procedure.

Will I encounter any pain?

There might be slight pain for which your dentist will provide medications.

Is there any side effects?

There are no side effects of this procedure.

How long will the procedure take to complete?

The procedure is done within some hour and will take few sittings.

Will my chewing and biting improve after undertaking the surgery?

Yes, the procedure will help in jaw correction and will improve your eating and chewing difficulty.

Will it give better stability to my teeth?

It will help in providing better stability to your teeth.

Does it have a long term effect?

It has a long term effect and you will have to maintain proper dental care for good health of your teeth.

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