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Cosmetic Smile Makeover


Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Cosmetic Smile Makeover in Andheri, Mumbai, India

If you have dull, yellow or broken teeth, you might feel embarrassed to smile. Dental hygiene is as important as the hygiene of the whole body. Many diseases could be the cause of dental hygiene. Shining and clean teeth can give you your confidence back.

It is really important to check with a dentist if you want to go for your dental treatment. There are many forms of treatments available in the medical field for your teeth. An experience dentist during the process of consultation will give you suggestions regarding the type of treatment that you can undertake.

Dental Cosmetology believes in not focusing only one area but taking the health of your teeth in consideration. We often ignore our dental problems and in return it gives us more trouble than we ever imagined.

There are various procedures that you can opt for among the mentioned ones that is given below in the list. After evaluating your problems, your surgeon will suggest you the type of treatment that will be best for you.

Following treatments can throw a light on how a smile makeover is done:

Tooth cleaning in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaTooth cleaning: If you are worried about bacteria in your teeth and want to get rid of it, you can choose for teeth cleaning. Tooth cleaning will help in giving back your confidence. The dentist will use techniques to help in making your teeth clean.

Teeth-Whitening in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaTeeth whitening: You want shiny white teeth as you are embarrassed to flash your yellow teeth, you can go ahead with the procedure of Teeth Whitening. The dentist uses several measures such as bleaching, bleaching strips and many others to restore the color of your teeth.

Dental-veneers in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaDental veneers: The procedure will help to match your natural teeth appearance. It is always better to go for porcelain veneers to achieve better results. It is a thin material that is placed over the tooth to prevent it from getting damaged.

Enameloplasty in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaEnameloplasty: The procedure will help to correct your teeth; will help in reshaping it, polishing it, to maintain your smile forever. It is done by removing or grinding a small portion of the enamel.

Dental-implants in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaDental implants: The process gives strong support to your jaws. It helps in correcting your teeth. It is composed of titanium. The treatment is very common and many people undergo the procedure to correct their defective tooth. It has a high success rate.

tooth-polishing in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaTeeth polishing: Once in months, a person should undergo teeth polishing. It will help them maintain shiny, white teeth. Regular consumption of food and drinks devalue the condition of our teeth and makes them yellow. Teeth Polishing will help in getting back your shiny and white teeth.

Tooth color filling in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaTooth color filling: Tooth filling will help to replace your old filling. If your previous filling has worn out, the teeth filling will replace it. It will give natural appearance to your teeth.

tooth-jewellery in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaTooth jewellary: You go for piercing of your body parts. It is a way of enhancing the beauty. Why not decorate tour teeth with tooth jewelry. A star studded, bejeweled smile will look good as well as attractive.

Gum-contouring in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaGum contouring: If you have gummy smile and feel embarrassed to smile in front of public, then Gum Contouring is the best option for you. It will bring back your confidence again and you will be no more conscious of your smile.

Crowns-bridges in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaCrowns bridges: Crowns bridges are a type of cap placed over the original tooth to restore its shape, size and strength. It helps in putting together weak teeth in case it has broken down. It also enhances the appearances.

Dentures in Andheri, Mumbai, IndiaDentures: Dentures are the false teeth and mostly uses prosthetics. If you have missing teeth, you can opt for dentures. Many old aged people use dentures that provide support to their jaws and helps in chewing.

Services at Allure Medspa:

If you are considering undergoing the dental treatment, we at Allure Medspa offer customized services. We have a set of well known dental surgeon amalgamated under a single roof. You will enjoy the process of dental treatment at Allure Medspa. The staff is quite friendly and will take personal care once you come here.

Cost of the treatment at Allure Medspa:

You will always want to undergo the best of surgery at the most affordable rates. We understand your concern and we will provide the best of services here. Trust us, the best of dentist will take care of your teeth at the most affordable rates. Visit here for your experience. We recommend you to call at our Cosmetic Dental Clinic- Allure Medspa at +9122 26732961/62/63 to get the latest treatment quote on the cosmetic smile makeover.

You can call at the number or request a call back from us to get specific information regarding your personal dental needs. We will answer all your queries.


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