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Celebrities and liposuction – it’s all about staying in the game

One of the most popular procedures today is undoubtedly Liposuction. More and more people are opting for the procedure to get rid of those extra bulges from the body. The procedure gives that well-toned figure that a celebrity always endorses. In fact, it is no surprise that more and more celebrities from the Indian film industry are opting for the procedure to look more presentable. It has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures all over the world. Most of the celebrities have also decided to enhance their appearance through this technique. This cosmetic procedure most often yields great consistent results and it is relatively safe.

Of late, a number of celebrities are opting for liposuction to achieve an enviable body. In the glamour world, you need to stay fit and look good all the time. Too much of hard work is put to reach and get those curves. However, not all the physical attributes are same. Some can achieve the enviable curves in no time and some takes endless amount of time. Therefore, the liposuction technique is the easy measure to achieve the body.

Liposuction has been known to boost an individual’s self-confidence, especially for those who have spent years trying to lose belly fat but have had no luck. This procedure is the easiest way to lose fat fast.

Cosmetic surgeries were mostly associated with women; however, many men are opting for it too often. Some of the Indian film movie actors have undergone the liposuction surgery to get rid of those pockets of fats from the body. The procedure helps to regain the confidence and appearance giving a sculpted and better looking chest and arms. Although most celebrities’ workout and watch their diet, achieving the body they want is not always possible, which is why they turn to this procedure. Now, although liposuction is common among celebrities, many normal people are also opting for it and even getting the best of results.


You knew liposuction targeted belly fat until this!

Liposuction is the most popular as well as the most versatile procedure to slim down and remove the excess fats from the body. In fact, it can even be used on delicate areas near the face.

The only way to know if it can treat the area with which you are concerned is to visit experienced cosmetic surgeon for a one-on-one consultation.

We will discuss here about the top five areas where one can achieve results with liposuction:

Enlarged male breasts

Gynecomastia or enlarged male breast can be treated with liposuction. Depending on the amount of excess fat and whether significant excess skin is present, the liposuction can be used to remove the fatty tissue.

Upper arms

Flabby arms can be toned with upper arm liposuction. The procedure is simple and one can get results after few months of the procedure.


Well, who likes those flabby skin under the chin. The skin surely adds age to your face and can distort the definition of your profile. Liposuction can remove this double-chin fat so that you feel more confident in your skin.


A neck liposuction is a sure shot way to slim down your little sagging neck. It will remove the extra fat in the right way to provide a slim, toned neck that you can flaunt with a beautiful piece of jewellery.


Well, not to forget the most important part of the body where we accumulate most of the fat, that is our tummy. Who even wants a round, pot belly. Quickly get rid of that muffin top with the stomach liposuction procedure.


Let’s debunk some liposuction myths

There are many myths linked with the liposuction process. Here are few of the myths related to liposuction that we have debunked for you.

Myth 1: Liposuction is only a weight loss procedure

Most people believe that liposuction is a weight loss procedure. Well, it is not exactly only a weight loss tool. Liposuction can be best described as a contouring procedure. According to a study, it is best suited for people who want to lose 30 percent of body weight tentatively, to get a desired weight. Liposuction removes the extra fat that is resistant to your diet and exercise. One can opt for the procedure to remove the stubborn fat that has accumulated even after your weight loss

Myth 2: Only women can undergo liposuction

It is actually a myth that only women can get a liposuction done. True, that the areas of liposuction might be different for men and women. Over the years, men opting for liposuction surgeries has highly elevated. Men mostly get their procedure done to remove the persistent fat deposits in the abdominal area, chest, and love handles.

Myth 3: Liposuction is for young people

The general understanding goes that after a certain age bracket, you cannot undergo liposuction. Well as the saying goes ” Age is just a number,” and liposuction can work for patients of all age groups, as age is not the determining factor.

Myth 4: You can not immediately join work and exercise routine

For every patient, the recovery time differs. Some might take longer than others to recover. For patients having small amounts of liposuction, 2-3 days are recommended off work. For most individuals a week off is recommended. There might be inflammation and swelling that usually waves off within a week of the surgery.

Myth 5: Fat might bounce back from somewhere else after the surgery

The most asked question about liposuction is the fear of getting back the fat from somewhere. We understand the concern; however, liposuction removes the fat cells permanently. These fat cells can never come back. A small weight gain denotes that the existing cells gets bigger by accumulating some fat in the existing cell. A 10 percent increase in the body weight develops the fat cell in all areas of the body. As one gains weight, increasing numbers of fat cells (lipocytes) are formed from existing pleuripotential connective tissue cells by a process of differentiation. The connective tissue cells first change into immature fat cell (lipoblasts) which is then changed to mature fat cells with progressive obesity. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle combined with exercise and diet will help you to keep your body maintained.



Liposuction secrets for quicker recovery

There are some open secrets that we all know but do not follow. We will revise some of the secrets for a better recovery of the surgery and to attain what we always desired for.

Follow up

We tend to neglect this part after the surgery is concluded. In fact, this is the most important part in attaining a perfect body. The follow up allows your doctor to guide, monitor and in some cases modify the outcome. Many complications related to the surgery can be avoided by following up the appointments with your doctor.

Avoiding tight clothes after the surgery

Tight cloths tend to leave an impression on the skin with secondary dents and irregularities. Even a tight post op compression garment will also leave dent and irregularities on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to wear proper fitting clothes and garments for easy movement of the body, so that blood circulation normalises, leading to proper healing of the body.


Post op massages are really important for the healing process. It helps reduce pain, swelling, inflammation after the surgery is undertaken. The massages are done by experts to maximize the success of liposuction. The massages are engineered to quick healing of the cuts and bruises and proper blood circulation for immediate healing.

Incorrect posture

Slouching or bending over especially during sitting leads to folding the abdominal skin. Incorrect posture lead to horizontal folds or skin rolls in the abdominal area. One should practise correct posture or should avoid slouching after the procedure for better recovery.



You’ll be surprised about the origins of liposuction

Well we consider cosmetic surgery as a very modern phenomenon. The history of cosmetic surgery dates back 2000 B.C. In 600 B.C., the Indian doctor Acharya Sushrut published the Sushruta Samhita, a collection of medical texts about plastic surgery, the first of its kind.

In another part of the world, the physicians of Roman origin used to practice their own nascent forms of cosmetic surgery during the first century.

A culture deeply valued with beauty and physique, the Romans worked to restore distorted bodies and faces.

After the fall of Rome empire, developments in cosmetic surgery was stalled for some hundred years as the spread of Christianity prohibited surgical changes in the body.

In the early 1920’s, a French general surgeon experimented with body contouring by curettage (scraping away) of the fat beneath the skin. Due to lack of anaesthesia and antibiotics, the patients did not get improved results. In the early 70’s, two Italian gynaecologists rekindled interest when they developed thin hollow cannulas through which fat could be sucked free without disrupting major blood vessels. This method is used now by various cosmetic surgeons to perfect the procedure of liposuction. The process has developed over the years and the technologies have fared to provide a pain free procedure to our patients.


Liposuction and a happy life thereafter

To enjoy the best benefits after the procedure of liposuction is conducted, one should take special care of his/her health needs to maintain the results. Here are few tips to maintain and reap the benefits of liposuction:

Follow a Healthy Diet

Well, a healthy diet is the need of the hour to maintain a great body whether you have undergone a procedure or not. Your physician will advise you on the types of food to consume. Like any other healthy diet, one should try to avoid junk foods, too much of sweet stuff and consume less salt. One should favour lean proteins like chicken and fish. If at times you feel stuck, you can work a plan with the registered dietician to come up with new ideas of healthy eating.

Avoid Skipping Meals

There are various reasons of skipping a meal and the obvious one is being too busy with our work. However, after the procedure is undergone, you should avoid skipping a meal. It will cause slowing down your metabolism, thus sending your body to a starvation mode, increasing fat storing enzymes, making your body prone to storing the calories as fats. Skipping meals increases your stress levels, leading to various health problems such as headaches, migraines, trouble in sleeping and many more. Your concentration levels drop, your blood sugar level drops, thus increasing your craving for calorie-laden, carb-rich food. You tend to eat more, thus hampering your diet plan.

Regular exercise

In our busy schedule, we often ignore our exercise routine. However, it is important for staying healthy and lean. Exercises will help you stay toned, and cardio exercises will keep the fats off bay. Simple exercise routine like taking the staircase instead of the lift, or giving an off day to your vehicle and instead using your foot will help you to maintain that weight. Simple healthy habits will help you in staying healthy, fit, strong and lean.