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5 Skin Treatment To Enhance Your Skin This Monsoon

Alluremedspa Monsoon

Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year. Post an excruciating, hot and humid summer, droplets of water raining down on the parched earth are always welcome. However, rains while pleasing to all our senses is not always great news for your sensitive skin. Post the havoc of summer, your skin will take time to adjust to the new weather and battle its seasonal changes. This brings about a host of skin problems which require your complete attention. Lack of proper care can not only create oodles of problems for your skin, they will also undo all the efforts you have made to your skin care regime. While some skin issues can be taken care off with handy remedies, some require greater care and most effective treatment. At Allure MedSpa we have the solutions for your monsoon skin’s woes. So without much ado, here is a list of problems along with remedy on how to tackle it to make sure that your skin retains its healthy glow in monsoon having you ready for the season.

Skin Discoloration

Your skin should be flawless and free of patches. There is nothing worse than having blotches of discolored skin patches everywhere on your skin. Uneven pigmentation will make you look ill and it makes your skin look tired. While homemade remedies work on such issues, they take a long time to take effect. It’s best to choose a treatment that gives you immediate and long lasting results. We at Allure MedSpa would suggest a laser photo facial. Laser Photo Facial can help treat a host of skin issues, the biggest of them being dull complexions, uneven pigmentation, pigmented freckles, age spots, sun and smoke damage.


Acne is like an uninvited guest that invades your skin and makes your life quite difficult. If all you desire is clean, smooth skin, you should choose acne treatment. Acne Treatment at Allure MedSpa involves Skin polishing, skin peeling and laser treatment based therapies. Skin polishing replaces dull skin and clears pigmentations and blackheads. Skin peeling will give you clear, bright skin. All in all an acne free skin makes for a more beautiful you.

Hair removal

Pesky body hair sprouts up no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. Monsoon is the time to get rid of long covering garments, yet body hair stops you from doing so. It’s time to replace your traditional waxing and shaving with Laser Hair Removal. Fully body hair removal with laser treatment can give you the smooth, clean body you always wanted. Not to mention, you will never need to bother with painful hot waxes or bother some shaving in every few days.

Scar Removal

They say that scars are a reminder of where we have been but some experiences don’t need a reminder. To erase those unpleasant memories, all you need to do is have a Scar Removal Treatment at Allure MedSpa. Scar removal effectively removes your scars and gives you smooth, blemish free skin that you have always dreamed of.

Wrinkles and fine lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are the harbinger of aging. Ageing means the advent of wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and other marks that simply ruin your face. There are dozens of anti aging products but they barely scratch the surface of the problem. What you need a more permanent and long lasting solution of aging. With Anti Ageing Treatment at Allure MedSpa, it’s never too early or too late to bring your youthful glow back or simply retain it. With treatments like derma fillers, chemical peeling and Botox, your skin will have the radiance you have always wanted. All this can be achieved with minimum down time.

Beauty products alone won’t protect your skin from harsh climate changes. Homemade remedies aren’t the only help your skin should have. It is essential to invest in skin treatments to meet the new age challenges that your body fights on a daily basis. Choose the right skin treatment to have yourskin ready to brave the challengesof any weather come rain or shine.

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Dos And Don’ts Of Before And After Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery In Mumbai,India

It may come as a surprise to many, but India is quite a hotspot for cosmetic surgeries. According to a global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), India ranks fourth with 9,35,487 cosmetic procedures conducted in 2015 alone. The surgeries account for 4.3% of all procedures recorded globally. In last two years, this number has jumped exponentially. To be fair, it is a well known fact that everyone wants to look pretty.Using cosmetic surgery as a means to look good is an everyday thing in today’s day and age. Since has allowed the boundaries of Cosmetic surgery to grow wide and strong, encompassing various branches into its mission to make everyone beautiful. It’s not just about looking pretty anymore. Cosmetic procedures to help you get rid of what you dislike about your body. It helps you meet your mental image and raise your confidence to face the world.

Along with great opportunities like cosmetic surgeries comes the fact that one can’t rely only on surgery to work miracles. Surgery necessitates a lot of after care. To begin with, it is absolutely necessary for you to take a lot of precaution before and after a cosmetic surgery. The results you hope to achieve depends on how well you prepare for the procedures and the aftercare you receive. Here are a few precautions that will help you get the results after a cosmetic surgery.

1. Avoid cosmetics

This is the golden rule for any body altering procedure. Avoid cosmetic as much as possible. Allow your skin to heal and breathe with no external influences or anything to mar its progress.

2.Avoid outdoor

It is essential to say at home and allow yourself to recuperate than go about gallivanting. Travel only if you must and cannot avoid it. But generally it would be preferable if you stay indoors and allow yourself to heal.

3.Eat well

If you are on any kind of crash diet, it must stop immediately. Your body needs to be healthy to heal and respond to the cosmetic procures and the alteration it would bring. Make sure that eat a well balanced diet after consulting with your doctor.

4.Avoid medicines and supplements

Avoid any kind of medication that might harm blood clotting. It is essential for you to have a body with strong immunity as make sure that you include supplements that help you stay strong through recovery

5.Avoid strenuous activities

It is absolutely essential to avoid any strenuous activities that might hamper your healing. Most cosmetic procedures allow you to return to your normal activities within days but extreme work out should be avoided till your doctor permits you to do so.

6.Follow your doctor’s advice

Always ask your doctor and consult them before taking any major decision that may have an effect on your healing. It is essential to have your doctor’s opinion and advice to accelerate your healing and to achieve the best results.

There is no magic formula to attain good looks. Cosmetic surgery is the only thing that comes close to giving you the best of everything you desire. Be sure to your doctor’s advice and live healthy to keep the results of your cosmetic procedures for life long.

Allure Med Spa- From Fine To Fabulous


The word cosmetic has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Cosmetic is defined as ‘relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance.’ In true to its definition cosmetology has always busied itself with improvement of one’s beauty. However, in last few decades cosmetology, armed with science and technology and evolved to encompass a broader branch with surgery, treatments and even dentistry added to its venture. To begin with cosmetic treatment, surgery and dentistry have now assumed roles of making a person not only look good but also feel good. The high demand for these treatments has given rise to a number of centers and hospitals that specialize in these procedures. The question remains what do you choose? If you want to pick a place that charges you obscene amount and delivers meager results you should look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a place that has transparency in cost, excellent facilities, one of the best doctors and highly skilled medical teams, you should choose Allure MedSpa.

Allure MedSpa is home to some of the best technology that the field of cosmetology has to offer. Along with our technology, use of advanced techniques we also offer services in various branches of cosmetology namely Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Treatments, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic Surgery

Our cosmetic surgeries cover the most important zones from head to toe, including areas like the face, skin, breast, buttocks, waist and hair etc. We also specialize in treating niche areas as well. Every patient’s case is well studied to draw up an exceptional and highly effective surgical plan. This allows us to make sure that expectations can be achieved realistically. Ours celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr Milan Doshi is one of the most renowned surgeons in the file of cosmetic surgery. He armed with years of experience, skills and talent that will ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Cosmetic Treatments

Our cosmetic treatments use high-techequipments and we have the best doctors to ensure that you will have the results you have always desired. Our treatment ensures that we not only cure your problems we also guarantee that they will never return. We have expertise in the area of skin wart removal, hair removal, skin whitening, acne removal, stretch mark reduction and tattoo removal, to name a few. Our cosmetic dermatologist is aspecialistwhose skills are commendable.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry services specialize in oral care and oral restoration surgeries. We help in oral restoration through procedures like teeth whitening, polishing and veneers. Total smile makeovers are one of the specialties that our highly talented cosmetic dentist specializes in. We aim at better oral health care and cosmetic benefits to one and all. Since smile is the best accessory anyone can wear, we make it our aim to give you the best one.

It’s essential to choose the right place while having a life altering procedure. At Allure MedSpa, we offer you the state-of-the-art facilities, ultra modern technology, well trained counselors, world renowned doctors and much more at absolutely no hidden charges. It is important to remember that when you put your faith in a surgeon, it’s not just surgeon that you put your faith in, it’s the whole facility. To have the best results always choose well.

Famous Pinoy Celebrities Overwhelming Transformations With Cosmetic Surgery

Alluremedspa Cosmetic Surgery Celebrity

Beautiful people can do better. In a society where we are hardwired for good looks, a leading plastic surgeon revealed that “pretty people not only  get a head start in life, they also tend to have better relationships and earn more money than their less attractive peers”. There is much truth to the fact that cosmetic surgery has offered powerful transformation to most celebrity personalities to step-up their careers to new heights given the thumb rule of beauty equating to good business.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), plastic surgery procedures have dramatically increased by 115 percent from 2000 to 2015. However, what’s significant is not just the growth in cosmetic surgery in the new millennium, but rather the shift in attitudes towards plastic surgery given the vast array of possible deletions, additions, and upgrades. With more options available than before, people are focusing on specific target areas of the body making subtle changes to extreme body modifications to achieve the look they desire.

With cosmetic surgery becoming more of the usual thing and a widely accepted fact in the beauty world, the Philippine entertainment industry is a colossal market for cosmetic surgery with Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty and celebrities making well noticeable changes.

Here are some of the Top Filipino celebrity transformations that you can with cosmetic surgery-

  1. Cristalle Belo– Daughter of celebrity doctor Vicki Belo admitted to having undergone liposuction for her waistline in 2005 and looking glamorous having gotten rid of the unwanted fat.
  2. Angeline Quinto– The young celebrity singer rose to fame in the talent search undergoing several cosmetic procedures to enhance her nose, eyes, cheeks and liposuction on the back to achieve the kind of body and appearance you see today.
  3. Gretchen Barretto– The Filipina actress who launched her career with Regal Films, admitted to having her thin lips changed with Lip augmentation surgery giving her the perfect pouty lips.Angeline Quinto
  4. Jinkee Pacquiao– From simple to stunning, wife of the best boxer of all time Manny Pacquiao,Jinkee’s cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift and liposuction has caught the attention of many with incredible results.Jinkee Pacquiao
  5. Pops Fernandez– The Filipina singer and entertainer has been vocal to admit about her cosmetic surgery procedures with nose job and lip enhancement with visibly better features.

Flaws in appearances are not well accepted in the beauty business. And celebrities are central to public attention and embody nothing but perfection. If you are aspiring to make a mark in the glamour industry, your looks will take you places. At Allure MedSpa, a celebrity cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai known to have transformed many lives in the entertainment world, you not only can see your aesthetic dreams come true but remain assured you have invested yourself with the right experts. Step in today to get yourself a makeover!

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What Makes South Korea’s Growing Obsession For Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Korea

We have heard about the obsession with cosmetic surgery of America’s celebrities from the countless tabloids and fashion magazines updating us with who has got what done accounting for approximately $12 billion on cosmetic enhancements alone in 2014. However, the trend has now been sweeping across Asia, with South Korea being labelled as the “global capital for plastic surgery” with a staggering one in five South Korean women having done cosmetic surgery as compared to one in twenty in America.

To critics, the surgery is a symbol of white America’s history of cultural dominance over South Korea and in a bid to look more western, the industry is booming with the most popular cosmetic procedures like “Double Eyelid Surgery”. Rhinoplasty to get a more prominent nose is apparently the next popular trend.

Cosmetic Surgery Korea Before and After Image

In South Korea, people have also come to equate “beauty” with success and job applications commonly require a photo of the employee included. It is simply a reality that beauty has become a means to distinguish oneself in the nation’s hypercompetitive culture and when it comes to selecting an employee, it is assumed that the preference involuntarily goes to the one who scores better in the beauty meter.

Though cosmetic surgery in Korea today seems less dogmatic, it was once reported in the 90’s that many Asian women underwent cosmetic surgery to escape the racial prejudices and the stereotype of negative behaviour attributed to facial features with small, slanty eyes and a flat nose, characterized with dullness and passivity.

While South Korea tops the chart with cosmetic surgery clinics with the highest numbers of tucks, peels, fillers, jabs and lifts in their quest for the perfect body, the U.S aesthetic culture remains predominant with Mommy Makeovers, Breast Implants and Liposuction, all designed to help women return to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

The competition for beauty is innocuous in this cut-throat world and when it comes to reaching the desired potential staying attractive is a clear ticket to success. Nations have realized the potential for medical tourism with Cosmetic Surgery and significant contributor to the GDP. That certainly keeps this industry in the boom and in demand in the aesthetic world.

Are You Worried About Noticeable Scars Post Cosmetic Surgery?


A facelift, nose-job or breast augmentation surgery is one step closer to achieving your dream body. However, the common apprehension of post surgery scarring and the fear how visible they would be puts your plan at a back seat. As a well informed patient, you would already know that Cosmetic Surgery or almost any type of surgery will involve some amount of scarring. The question is, how noticeable is the scarring? Are there ways you could minimize their visibility, so that their appearance are less impactful than the actual results of your surgery?

What happens with scarring?

As soon as you are done with your cosmetic procedure, your body creates a reaction as its natural way to heal, which is in the form of scarring. New tissues will grow, while the healing collagen will close and seal the wound. At the same time, your body cleans the dead skin and blood cells in the form of scabs. While most scars typically take 4-12 months or with deeper incisions around two years to improve, your age, genes, sex, ethnicity and body immunity are important contributors to the scar healing process. Though it may seem there isn’t much you can do you can do to control or influence certain factors in the process of healing, there are certainly many simple and effective ways to prevent, control or reduce the effects of scarring.

So before you jump to the conclusion that the unsightly scars can come in the way of your aesthetic dreams, we have listed a few things that will make all the difference to your appearance by minimizing scarring by applying a few precautionary steps:

  • Select your cosmetic surgeon and technique wisely! -You may have been told that scars are inevitable no matter how skilled and experienced your surgeon is. While there is much truth to the fact that a well rounded experienced surgeon makes all the difference to your aesthetic goals, he may also have some control over the factors that lead to scarring. Understand from your surgeon the surgical technique, use of sutures and incision type to minimize the effect of scarring.
  • Massage your scar– This is one of the simplest and effective preventive techniques to avoid the formation of hard lumps under the scar. Massaging promotes cell rejuvenation making the scar softer.
  • Get good Nutrition – You may have come across the cliché about the emphasis of a balanced diet and nutrition right from your pre consultation phase. When it comes to prevention of scars, the thumb rule applies with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins to be compulsorily added to your plate.
  • Stay Hydrated– Just like the importance of a nutritious diet, your body post surgery will require a minimum of six to eight glasses of water intake to cleanse your system and initiate skin repair but also keep the electrolyte imbalance at bay.
  • Give up on smoking and drinking– Not only does smoking increase your risk for scars, it can also slow your healing. Renowned celebrity cosmetic surgeon at Allure MedSpa, Mumbai, who has successfully transformed people aesthetically with his innovative techniques, educates his patients well before any cosmetic procedure on the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle to minimize any negative impact on the desired outcome. Since alcohol dehydrates your skin, it also prevents the wounds from getting the hydration they need to heal and regenerate properly.

Looks Can Be Deceiving On Social Media!


Alluremedspa Cosmetic Surgery

Nearly every woman can agree that attractive looks spell confidence and make them feel empowered. The impact of social media is no longer a rare and obscure condition dominating our culture that obsesses over the idea of a perfect face and body image. The medium has changed the way we connect with friends, how we spend our time and see cosmetic surgery today’s environment.  This has often led to plunging self esteem when appearances get faked with technology enhancing filters which are not flattering enough to look and feel good, bringing to light the self-perceived need for Cosmetic Surgery.

Ubiquity of Social Media leads to a boost in cosmetic surgery

According to a recent survey by RealSelf, an online information-sharing community that offers reviews, photos and physician Q&A relating to cosmetic surgery, dermatology and other elective treatments, nearly half of the website visitors have confirmed the social media impact to choose cosmetic surgery.

Further, cosmetic surgeons and contributors to RealSelf have observed that in the aesthetic industry with more than half of consumers researching a treatment for over a year, the decisions are majorly influenced with opinion, doctor reviews, ratings and testimonials posted on social media forums. This clearly points out the need for positive online reputation for doctors to embrace with social media channels and quality online engagement with prospective patients.

Cosmetic surgeons have confirmed that cosmetic surgery procedures are seeing the largest increase in numbers attributed to the selfie craze include Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplants and Eyelid Surgery. Each of these procedures and many more are capable of providing a rejuvenated appearance and even addressing specific cosmetic concerns.

While the influence of social media on cosmetic enhancements cannot be overstated, it is important to remember that not all procedures are meant for everyone and attempting to improve one’s appearance needs to be appropriately motivated.

At Allure MedSpa, we help patients understand and realize the right intent for aesthetic enhancement, keeping in mind their true potential. Take a step closer for a rejuvenated appearance, talk to our experienced professionals today. Call us at (+91) 9869041559.

Cher will make you “Believe” with her ageless look at 71!


Leave it to Cher to know how to look amazing at 71! The essentially timeless American pop singer rocked the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas looking unbelievably stunning in a see-through bodysuit flooring her fans. The superstar has certainly turned back time with her stage performance of two of her biggest hits, “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time”, to an audience on its feet.

Then 1989, and now at 71 the pop goddess still manages to sport her youthful body and always believed in ageing beautifully. The Oscar-winning star has been quite open about rejuvenating her looks with cosmetic surgery, revelation to getting her teeth, bust and nose done.

Admitting to be a Cosmetic Surgery enthusiast, she once said: “Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn’t? I have become the plastic surgery poster girl.”

For one to remain relevant in the industry, they have to keep looking young and attractive. Like other Iconic personalities , Cher has successfully carried through their music career spanning five decades resorting to cosmetic surgery like face lift, Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty resulting in unusually youthful face even at 71. The absence of frown lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes are a clear evidence of procedures like face lift and brow lift performed to correct the aging effects.

Cher has also been vocal about her devotion to health and fitness and swears by a clean- living lifestyle. She says, “I don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we eat unequivocally good food.” As it holds much truth that results from cosmetic surgeries require upkeep to stay in shape, maintaining lifestyle and healthy habits. For instance, it is important to keep your body weight stable to retain the look you have strived for post a weight loss surgery.

With no signs of retiring pop superstar Cher continues to dazzle us looking as good as ever. How inspired are you to believe that you can too turn back time with your looks?

Surprising Facts On Teenage Cosmetic Surgery


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, young people seek plastic surgery as a way to fit in, whereas adults seek plastic surgery as a way to stand out.

It is hardly surprising with the invasion of social media that cosmetic surgery is ever-increasing among the 13-19 year old category while still many assume that this is something only the old resort to, trying to reverse the signs of ageing. Experts believe that the goals for each category are vastly different and so are the circumstances under which they are motivated to go for cosmetic surgery.

According to a recent report, the bullied teens in countries abroad have an increased desire for cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance and increase their social status that often faces a low down with flawed physical appearances. For many others, apart from the psychological anguish, cosmetic surgery has been the solution if they’re just trying to copy their favorite celebrity or simply take a better selfie. The fetish to look perfect and achieving star-like looks have set unrealistic expectations among the under 30’s of our country too.

Alluremedspa Cosmetic Surgery

It is here where experienced and accomplished cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Milan Doshi at Allure MedSpa Mumbai sets realistic expectations and explains the objective of cosmetic surgery to his patients while also evaluating the emotional maturity of such patients before performing any cosmetic surgery. As the objective among teenagers is to “fit in” where appearance is concerned, he believes that it is vital to explain them the possible outcomes, limitations and results associated with cosmetic surgery.

Common Cosmetic Surgeries performed by Teens

The ASPS reports that doctors performed 64,470 elective cosmetic surgeries in 2015 on patients between 13-19 years of age. The most common surgeries included: Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), Gynecomastia (breast reduction in males), Breast Implants in females, ear pinning, liposuction, and non-surgical procedures, such as Botox Injections and laser hair removal.

Let us help you at Allure MedSpa to understand your needs and motivation to undergo cosmetic surgery. With our highly trained staff and well qualified team, we can help you meet your aesthetic goals keeping your beauty aspirations in mind. Call us at (+91) 9869041559 and get consulted today!

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5 Things To Do Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Alluremedspa Cosmetic Surgery

Just like any other surgery, you need to plan and prepare your mind and body well before undergoing a cosmetic surgery. It is natural to face the jitters and butterflies in your stomach as the big day draws closer, while most of them your cosmetic surgeon will sort you over in your pre-operative visits. Your doctor will apprise you of all pre-operative instructions which may also include lab tests to check your medical history and general state of health.

While the types of tests performed may vary and is individualized from patient to patient, there are a few general guidelines to help you prepare yourself that would make all the difference in your overall health, recovery and results. So get started as much as three weeks ahead of your surgery and learn the dos and don’ts before your Cosmetic Surgery.


1.    Plan your diet– What you eat before and after your procedure has a huge impact on your recovery, healing and minimizes your risks for infection. Your body will need more nutrients before and after your surgery to promote healing. Increase your intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, selenium, copper, zinc to ensure fast wound healing. Protein helps to build new skin tissues, so go with foods rich with quality proteins such as fish or legumes for vegetarians.Eliminatesalt and sugar intake a week before surgery to improve your immune function.


Smoking and Alcohol

2.    Quit Smoking and Alcohol– Refrain from smoking and alcohol well before your surgery as both can cause unforeseen complications or seriously impact your outcome. Smoking and drinking impedes the recovery process by not allowing oxygenated blood to your blood stream and weakens your body immunity. Abstinence from both these habits for a minimum of four to eight weeks is generally advisable.




3.    Check on your current medications– While certain medications can strengthen your system like the intake of multivitamins right before your procedure, some may need to be completely avoided. Blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs and Ibrufen may not be acceptable before your surgery, so seek your doctor’s approval on your current medicine checklist and ensure nothing impacts you negatively.




4.    Stay well hydrated– Drinking a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water cleanses your system and flushes out toxins. Staying hydrated is good in general however, remember that drinking water in excess is usually not a good idea after cosmetic surgery.




5.    Reduce Stress – Stress is known to weaken your immunesystem. Do not exert yourself physically or mentally to ensure speedy recovery. Listen to soothing music; take up a yogaor meditation class to help you restore your body, mind and spirit. Most important, get a good night’s sleep the night before your surgery.

At Allure MedSpa Mumbai, get all your pre-operative queries answered about how to live a healthy life during your pre-operative consultation with our experienced Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Milan Doshi. He excels in putting his patients at ease with his pleasant approach and partnering them in their aesthetic journey from consultation to recovery.

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