Buttock Augmentation Facts That You Need To Know

Alluremedspa - Buttock Augmentation

Having a derriere that complements your body is an added bonus. It completes your body and your total figure. While many are naturally blessed, there are others who get what they want with quite a few squats. But when all else fails to make your look like Kim Kardashian, there is always cosmetic surgery that you can turn to. Buttock augmentation is science’s way to providing you with what nature and genes couldn’t. Buttock Augmentation is a procedure designed to give people a better buttock. This surgery ensures that you have a beautiful butt to match your body.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Anyone who is healthy and has realistic expectation from the surgery can undergo buttock augmentation. People with buttocks that appear flat and limp are an ideal candidate for this surgery.

What are the risks?

Allure MedSpa’ proactively adopts a De -Risking process for Butt Augmentation. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, instrumentation, medication and anesthesia for the safest Buttock Augmentation and are able to deliver great result consistently.

How does it work?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. During a Buttock Augmentation the surgeon makes a two to three inch incision between the buttocks in the midline. Through this incision the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) is lifted up and a pocket is created for the implant to be placed in. The procedure is then repeated on the other buttock as well. The incisions are done in a way that will ensure no visible scaring.

Will it hurt?

There will be discomfort and pain that is associated with any surgery. However you will be prescribed painkiller to deal with it. You will be provided with a compression garment which you will have to wear for a while.

What about recovery

Post surgery for the first two weeks, you should be taking complete rest. You can resume lighter activities after that. However strenuous activities like exercise will have to wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

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Chin Augmentation For Perfect Chin

Alluremedspa - Chin Augmentation

Chin is such an important part of our face. Though we don’t think much about it unless it’s about a double chin that we despise. A weak chin or on that doesn’t make much of a mark makes your face look sallow and ruins the facial harmony. A chin that doesn’t match up to your face will make you look ugly, thereby running your whole appearance. Those who wish to a well defined chin should undergo Chin augmentation. This is done through the insertion of chin implant. This augmentation gives patients a pleasing, in proportion look that harmonizes their face and looks completely natural. Anybody who wishes to have a well defined chin, is reasonably healthy and has realistic goals can go for this surgery. Ideal candidate for facelift surgery must have good skin elasticity and strong bone structure.

During the procedure, patient will be given Local, Local + Sedation or General Anesthesia. Chin Implants are used to enhance the existing bone at the front of the jaw beneath the teeth. The artificial implant is set under the skin and gives a lasting boost to the chin profile. This is a minimally invasive Surgery, and doesn’t involve any significant side effects, complication, downtime or pain. In fact patients can go home post the surgery on the same day. Since all the incision is made inside the mouth, there will be no visible scarring post surgery. You will experience pain and discomfort for which you will be prescribed anti-biotic and painkillers. You can resume lighter, non strenuous office work kind of activities in 3-4 days and laborious activities may be resumed in 2-3 weeks time.

It’s important to look and feel good. Absence of an essential part of your face will not only rob you of your confidence, people might not see eye to eye with a face that does not meet the portions of a well defined face. Don’t let your insecurities rule you. Consult a cosmetic surgeon to reclaim your life.

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Painless Tooth Extraction

Alluremedspa - Tooth Extraction

One of the worst aches in the world that can turn your world upside down is a tooth ache. Tooth aches make it impossible to eat, yawn, sleep, talk or even concentrate well. It ruins your day and makes you grumpy. Having a tooth ache is just the symptom, the problem lies deeper. A toothache is the sign of gum diseases, cavity or decay. In case of wisdom tooth, it means extraction is necessary. Any kind of damaged tooth requires to be removed. Your tooth or teeth may need to be removed for several reasons some of which are severe tooth decay, gum disease, a broken tooth, and abscess in your gums or around your teeth or issues with your wisdom tooth. Getting a tooth extraction could well be certified as a phobia, the reason is pain. While the pain of tooth ache haunts one and all, it is the pain of extraction that many find unbearable. Luckily there is a solution for that as well.

The simple solution to all your fears is a painless Tooth extraction. During the procedure, your dentist will ensure that you are seated comfortably. You will be injected with local anesthetic in the area around the tooth or teeth before starting the procedure. Once you are injected, your doctor will try to ensure that the anesthetic has taken effect. Once they are sure of it, they will start with the procedure. The roots of your tooth sit in a socket (hole) in your gum. Your dentist will broaden your tooth socket and tenderly move your tooth from side to side until it’s loose enough to be pulled out. You might feel the pressure of the pull but not much discomfort. A surgical extraction is more complex which involves cuts into the tissue to retrieve the entire tooth. This kind of extraction takes more time to heal. Once the tooth is extracted, you may be given pain killers to deal with the discomfort.

Tooth Extraction will help with improving your tooth structure, healthy teeth, given your better oral condition and long lasting results. It gives you all this while being a painless procedure. Don’t suffer the pain, choose painless tooth extraction.

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Cosmetic Gynecology Facts

Alluremedspa - Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology is for women whose genitals are affected by child bearing trauma, the aging process, and inherited anomaly. This treatment helps a women overcome the difficulties she may face in her intimate relations and be more confident about their body. Most women are largely embarrassed to even speak about it. But with changing times, women now seek help for their most intimate problems. The best candidates for this surgery are women who have suffered a trauma to their genital areas. After a roper consultation the doctor can decide the course of action to be taken to help the patient. Like any other surgery, it is essential for a woman to have realistic expectation from Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery.

Before surgery

Before surgery, you will be asked to undergo tests to ensure you are healthy enough for the surgery. Your doctor will ask you to stop smoking drinking and avoid certain blood thinning medications or supplements. Along with that you will be encouraged to live a healthy life by eating right and working out. You should arrange for people to help you for a few days as you will need it.

After surgery

Your doctor will guide you through the recovery process. You will be instructed on how to clean your incision (if any). Avoid any strenuous activity till you heal completely.  Patients should desist from any sexual activity for about six weeks unless they are told otherwise. In case of any discomfort of pain, patients can apply ice to the area for the first 48 hours. You will also be prescribed painkillers to help you with the pain. You may feel sore for a few days but it will be worth it. Personal hygiene is quite important during your recovery. Ensure that you eat will and rest well.

At Allure Medspa we believe that you look good when you feel good. Your beauty reflects how confident you feel about your body inside out. Don’t be embarrassed about asking for help. Seek out the means to look pretty outside and feel beautiful within.

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Things To Know Before Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

Alluremedspa - Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile is a rare gift bestowed upon humans. It’s so easy to smile and to watch others smile is a beautiful thing. However having a confident smile is a game changer. Most people find themselves hiding their full smile or even being afraid to laugh out loud. This is largely as they are not confident about their smile. This may be due to chipped or broken tooth, yellow or dull teeth, gum issues or cavities. There are many things your dentist can fix but there are things that should be left to your cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dentistry can not only change your smile but also change the way you look. Before you jump onto the cosmetic dentist bandwagon, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your Cosmetic Dentist procedures.

Before after photos

What you see is what you get, so ask your dentist to show your some of the before after images of previous patients. This will give you an idea of how you dentist has worked before and what were the results.

Talk to your doctor

Be precise and clear about what you want and what you need. Your doctor needs to have a clear picture of your goals and expectations. You must have realistic expectation. Your doctor can do wonders for you but she/he is not a miracle worker.

Hands on approach

Be invested in your goals. Go through information available online. Check the images and show your doctor what you are hoping for. Important to communicate and let your doctor know what you are looking for, so you can get the results you want.

Believe it when you see it

Don’t believe everything you see. The infomercial son TV and other product descriptions don’t give you the full picture. Your dentist can give you a clear idea of what the procedures can do for you. Doctors often have a function mold made of your teeth, this will help you see what needs to be done and how far the goal sad been achieved.

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Top 5 Winter Skin Care Tips

Alluremedspa - Skin Care Treatment

Winter is harsh on your delicate skin. The cold stormy weather which is perfect for curling up with a book and a cup of hot beverage is cruel on your skin. The dryness, dead skins and dullness are a part of it. The best defense is prevention and care. It’s essential to stay moisturized and warm in the winter. But along with cosmetics, it is important to invest in proper skin care for winter. Follow the tips correctly and your skin will be ready to welcome summer in style. Without much ado, here are the tips.

Super foods

Food rich in nutrients will keep your skin glowing and beautiful. Consume avocado, rose-hips, coconut, acai, quinoa, turmeric, goji, cacoa, chia, flax, red algae, and green tea. Anything that you eat affects your skin; therefore choose your food careful. Good that contains a good quantity of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals should be on your grocery list.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal draws out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin. This helps you fight acne and also clears your skin, giving you a flawless complexion. Charcoal adsorbs thousands of times its own mass, which makes it a well-liked element in facial masks, soaps and face washes.

Oil-Based Skin Care Products

During winter your skin loses moisture rapidly. To stay hydrated, use oil-based skin care, especially for the winter. The oil generates a protective layer on the skin that preserves more moisture, keeping your skin soft. Choose products with rich, essential elements that have hydrating, healing, as well as anti-aging properties.


Zinc is effectual in treating irritations and injuries. This also includes acne, skin sores and minor wounds. Zinc helps cells to regenerate. Zinc is an important part of your skin’s defense system, helping it to heal and rejuvenate. Zinc is found in sunflower seeds, red meat, eggs, oysters and beans. Make this a part of your diet to reap its benefits

Skin Treatment

Skin treatments like chemical peels, microdermabration, and Laser photo facial are very beneficial in treating dull skin, acne scars and skin pigmentation issues. These treatments will not only make your skin look better but will also take off a few years from your skin.

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Best Cosmetic Surgery Treatments For Winter

Alluremedspa - Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Winter is the harbinger of party and fun times. With winter comes the time to look good and win people over. It is also the right time to get your cosmetic procedures to-do-list in order and start ticking off procedures. Winter isn’t just about chilly weather, hot drinks and warm clothes. Having procedures in winter means your body will be summer ready when season comes. It’s also a great time to recover so you can look your best in a few months. Here are a few cosmetic procedures that is best suited and proposed for winter.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations are best suited for winter as you will have to wear compression garments for several days. This bra can be difficult during summer with the temperature so high. Winter would be better so you will be more comfortable. Since you will be bundled up in layers of clothes, it will be easier to hide that you had a surgery.

Skin pampering

Winter will start its surly assault on your skin. It’s best to be prepared with an arsenal of skin care treatments to combat winter.  Skin peels for better skin is a treatment you should go for. Facelift surgery would be beneficial at this time of the year. Skin treatments are better done in winter as the chances of your skin being ruined by sun are quite low.

While Breast Augmentation and Skin Treatment are the best winter-time recommendations, there are many other procedures that make the list. Namely Liposuction, hair transplantation, laser skin resurfacing, arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck, and blepharoplasty are all great options for winter. Since winter means not much time is spent in the sun, makes recovery easier for facial surgeries and the extra layers of winter clothing makes helps hide surgical garments after body surgeries.

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Cosmetic Surgery Myths

Alluremedspa - Cosmetic Surgery

There are more myths than facts associated with cosmetic surgery. People fear what they are unsure of and cosmetic surgery is no different. There are facts that need clearing and there are myths that need busting. These often stop people from considering cosmetic surgery as a viable option to their problems. Without much ado, here are a few myths about cosmetic surgery cleared for you.

1. Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery are One and the Same
Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery also consists of reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery deals with improving the appearance of a person while plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery is about correcting any physical defect a person may have.

2. Breast Implants Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer
Breast implants do not cause breast cancer or cause breast cancer to reoccur. If done correctly, breast implants can be completely risk free.

3. Saline Implants are Safer than Silicone Implants
Saline and Silicone Implants are both considered safe by FDA. Silicone implants are usually suggested by the doctors as saline implants might have more rippling and have a higher risk of having a leak.

4. Fat will return elsewhere in the body after Liposuction.
Liposuction eliminates stubborn fat from the body. Once safely removed, the fat is gone forever. If you follow proper diet and regularly exercise you can maintain a perfect figure without fearing the return of the fat.

5. Botox freezes your face
Botox is injected in small doses into specific muscles of your face to eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging. This, when performed by a certified surgeon, can work wonders without harming your face or any facial movement.

6. Cosmetic Surgery is Only for Women
This is a myth that needs busy=ting right away. While it is true that most connoisseurs of cosmetic surgery are women, men too have been undergoing cosmetic surgeries since last few decades. There are procedures like Gynecomastia that caters solely to men. While they also opt of surgeries like liposuction, eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty and tummy tuck which has largely female cliental.

7. Fillers can be easily recognized
When used in right quantity, fillers don’t look unnatural at all. It needs to be injected in right quantity when needed. If done correctly fillers will give you natural results.

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Speeding Up Your Liposuction Surgery Recovery

Alluremedspa - Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction will help you have a great body in no time. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery; rather it’s a surgery that helps you sculpt your body. That being said, surgery is only a small part of the entire journey. You will enjoy the results better if your recover well. Recovery will be the toughest yet most rewarding part of your liposuction surgery. It is important to understand that while patience may not be your strongest forte, you will have to do your best to remain dedicated and disciplined to achieve the body of your dream.  Here are a few tips that will aid you during your recovery.

Follow Surgeon’s Instructions

Nobody knows better than your doctor. Your surgeon who performs the procedure is well aware of your body and its needs. Pre and post procedure, follow your doctor’s advice and instruction for a speedy recovery. All your queries and concerns should be brought to your doctor’s attention. Make sure you keep your doctor apprised of all your progress.

Healthy Diet

This is the most essential thing to note during recovery is to avoid junk food and packed food. Stick to a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, this will help you mend your body faster and recover the strength after surgery. Post-surgery foods that you must make a part of your diet are green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, melons, grapefruits, mango, spinach and kale.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids is essential after liposuction. But it is pertinent to avoid aerated drinks, energy drinks and alcohol. Stink to fresh juices and water.

Stay Active, but Not Too vigorous

You must take complete rest for the first two days after that you can go about your normal routine. Move around a bit to improve circulation. However any kind of strenuous activity like exercise and gym will have to wait for at least 3-4 weeks.


While this cannot be done immediately, massages can help with your Liposuction recovery if your doctor allows you for it. If done correctly, it will help with recovery. The massage around the treated area should be gentle but firm.


You need to relax and take it easy for a few days. You must listen to your body, let it heal and allow it to fully recover. Use your recovery period to plan on how to maintain your newly enhanced body.

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Secrets To Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

Alluremedspa - Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is one of the best things to do if you truly seek to improve the way you look. It is definitely a big step and a leap of faith into the direction of making everything in your life better. However, having the surgery is just one part of the deal; you will have to maintain the results of cosmetic surgery are a whole different ball game. Starting with the recovery, your journey to enjoying your results there are steps that you will have to take to ensure that your results will last and have long lasting effects. Here are a few steps you need to take to ensure that your results last.

1)    Healthy living

Healthy living essentially means not only eating right nut also living right. You will have to make good changes to your diet, starting with green vegetables, fresh fruits and grains. Replace junk food with healthy snacks and have food that is rich in fiber. Packaged food, food cooked in unhealthy amount of oil and fats need to be avoided.

2)    Good hygiene

Ensure that you lead a hygienic lifestyle post your surgeries. When it comes to skin treatment, you need to avoid touching your face too much. Use only well trusted brands of cosmetic products and clean your face several times a day to maintain the results.

3)    Avoid intoxicants

While a glass of red wine may be permissible every now and then, you must avoid too much alcohol and nicotine. Avoid unwanted medications and rugs. Keep your system intoxicants free.

4)    Regular exercise

Regular exercise does wonders to your body. Along with a good diet and well planned exercise routine will give you the shape you always desired. It will not only keep you healthy, it will make you look good as you maintain your results from cosmetic surgery.

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